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Custom Patio Fireplace

This month we look at a fireplace product on a customer’s patio.

The customer had a small brick fireplace situated on a large 1000 sq. ft. stamped concrete patio with curved front.

Fireplace on patio

It was determined that the customer desired a much larger fireplace with mantle and wood boxes on either side of the fireplace.

We selected a large fireplace unit built out of concrete pavers with pre-made mantles and trim. The wood boxes on either side of the fireplace have matching concrete slab tops which makes perfect table tops/areas for parties and storage.

Fireplace screen on patio

The entire unit when we was finished measures over 9 feet long, 8.5 feet high and approximately 5 feet deep.

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Patio Renovation

This month we revisit a client’s job, consisting of existing back yard concrete patio that was incorrectly installed up against the siding of the existing house, which resulted in the rotting of the homes siding and floor joists.

Upon consultation it was decided that the patio need to be completely replaced, after the homes joists and siding was repaired.

It was evident that upon inspection that nothing that was existing was done properly and everything have to be removed and rebuilt from the ground up.

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