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Mid-Vancouver Island Plans Ahead for Snow Removal!

Snow removalWhile snow can be pretty and make children’s wishes of no school in the morning come true, it can also be a messy hassle for homeowners, especially if you live on mid-Vancouver Island.

It might not be here now but you know it will show it’s chilly face at some point.

Depending on where you live and how much snow you are used to getting, your needs for hiring snow removal might vary.

Some people may do just fine breaking out the old snow shovel themselves or paying the kid down the street a few bucks to do the job, but there are many situations where neither of these options is convenient.

If your area typically gets a lot of snow – like here in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island – or even if your area gets a few heavy snowfalls per year, you may want to consider calling for professional snow removal.

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Preparing your Yard for the Winter Season

Protect Your Irrigation System from Winter Damage

If freezing temps are in your forecast, the time to act is now.


Winterizing your sprinkler system – removing water from the pipes, valves and sprinkler heads – is essential before freezing occurs. It’s the best way to protect your irrigation investment from potentially serious damage this winter, especially in the harsh mid-Vancouver Island area near Nanaimo.

Winterization is far more cost effective than repairing a damage irrigation system in the spring due to either improper or no winterization. Call your irrigation professionals to winterize your system. Ridgeview Irrigation offers winter and annual maintenance packages.

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