Patio Renovation

This month we revisit a client’s job, consisting of existing back yard concrete patio that was incorrectly installed up against the siding of the existing house, which resulted in the rotting of the homes siding and floor joists.

Upon consultation it was decided that the patio need to be completely replaced, after the homes joists and siding was repaired.

It was evident that upon inspection that nothing that was existing was done properly and everything have to be removed and rebuilt from the ground up.

After removing the landscape ties, borders and jackhammering all the concrete up and removing the debris off the premises, we where ready to start construction.

The new patio was to consist of a Allan block wall with contour capping planters with irrigation, LED lighting and contrasting patio slabs.

We first had to excavate for all new footings 2 feet down in wet clay, install the base layer and mid layers of the block wrapping around the entire outer edge of the patio to the far corner. We incorporated a step down to the back lawn in the wall structure and finished the wall off with a charcoal capping system; this gives the wall a contrasting eye appeal, as opposed to just a plain grey wall.

Once the main wall and capping was complete we then started on the main patio floor and Allan Block stairs by the French doors that you would exit the house down two steps to the main patio.

The Client desired multiple planters with vegetation and irrigation. In addition, all aluminum LED lighting around the patio was also installed. It was important to the client that this patio area be low maintenance as the client has very limited time to maintain their back yard.

Low maintenance plants, aluminum lighting fixtures and computerized irrigation was utilized to achieve this goal.

Ten days later after the patio floor and stairs where installed, we concentrated on installing irrigation, plants, and placing the lighting in the edges of the planting to ensure the maximum night effect of the lighting.

After this was completed we relayed gravel around the side of the deck for a pathway and installed round stepping stones to complete the transformation of the client’s back yard.

Upon the revealing, the client was absolutely speechless, and thrilled that her back yard was transformed to this totally new useable area in only 10 days.

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